Leadership: Redwood City, Belmont, Menlo Park, San Carlos

Developing Leaders for Our Community’s Future


Our ten-month program provides participants the opportunity for face-to-face meetings and hands-on workshops with experts and key decision makers.
In dynamic sessions held one Friday a month, September through June, participants learn about timely and relevant issues of vital concern to their city; and learn how they can effectively shape the future of their community, their organization, or their business.

  • Participants will gain a broader understanding of their community and how it functions as they are introduced to influential community leaders.
  • Participants will acquire valuable information and access to resources, which will aid them in their work and civic engagement.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to create a positive presence and identify themselves, their business or organization as partners to the community.

Sessions generally run from 8am until 3pm.  A continental breakfast and lunch are provided.


We invite those individuals seeking to challenge themselves by becoming more educated and involved in their community.  Enrollment is limited to 40 individuals. Completed applications are due back to the Chamber no later than Friday, September 2, 2016.


Applications received by July 1st will receive an early submission tuition of $1,300.00. Tuition increases to $1500.00 for applications received after July 1st. Tuition is due by the first day of class in September.


Class members must not miss more than 2 classes to graduate from program.

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